heropediatricdentistry-Herndon-Gainesville-VA-Pediatric-Dental-Cleanings To maintain good oral hygiene and prevent tooth decay and disease, your child needs to undergo routine dental exams and cleanings. Although home care is extremely important, pediatric dental cleanings are a must. The professional cleanings remove mineralized plaque that can develop despite good flossing and brushing. This is particularly true for hard to reach areas.

When Should Your Child Have Cleanings?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child see a dentist for an exam and cleaning once every six months. Appointments usually take 30 minutes to an hour and parents are welcome to come back to the treatment area or wait in the lobby. However, some older children often do better without a parent in the treatment area. Also, this gives them the chance to be independent.


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During the Appointment

First, your child will get to choose a fun toothpaste flavor like cotton candy, bubblegum, or cookie dough! Then, your child’s teeth will be polished and scaled to remove tartar and plaque. In addition, your child will receive a concentrated fluoride treatment. This helps teeth remain strong and health. The Fluoride gel comes in many fun flavors. However, your child will need to wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking.

For babies and younger children, a fluoride varnish is used. This has a sweet taste and is painted onto the teeth. They can eat and drink normally, but we do ask that you avoid brushing their teeth for at least 8 hours after the treatment.

Digital X-Rays

During pediatric dental cleanings, we will periodically take digital x-rays. This allows us to check for cavities in between the teeth, diagnose bone disease, evaluate injuries, survey erupting teeth or plan orthodontic treatment. All of our equipment is digital and uses far less radiation than traditional dental x-rays. However, your child will still wear lead body apron and thyroid collar during the process.


After your child’s teeth are clean and X-rays have been taken, it’s time for the dental exam. The dentist will examine your child’s mouth, review X-rays, and give a review over proper hygiene techniques and home care. If there are any problems, such as decay, the dentist will discuss this with you and set up an appointment for treatment.

Our staff are expertly trained and specialize in caring for children.


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