Adolescent Dentistry

Help keep your teen’s smile healthy. As your child matures into an adolescent, they will benefit from good oral hygiene practices, both for their smile and continued overall health and wellness. It is important to instill in them good habits

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Our dentists can start your child on their way to a healthier smile. It is crucial to recognize the need for early orthodontic treatment. Treating developing dental issues early can lessen the need for extensive treatment later. Orthodontic problems like

Post-Op Instructions

Our dentists and team strive to educate each patient and their parents about their oral care in Gainesville, Virginia. To aid us in this goal, we have provided post-op instructions that can help your child recover after a dental accident

Pediatric Dental Emergencies

We can help in a dental emergency When children play, accidents can happen Whether your child has a chipped tooth or one that is completely knocked out, our Hero Pediatric Dentistry team is ready to help your child smile again

Early Infant Oral Care

Give your child a good start on a great smile! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry warns expecting mothers to maintain good oral health. This is because some periodontal diseases can lead to low birth weight and preterm birth. The American

Sedation Dentistry

We can make your child’s visit easier.Sedation & Pediatric Dentistry | Children’s Dentist Our goal at Hero Pediatric Dentistry is to help you and your child get the most gentle, effective and comfortable dental care possible. For this reason, our

Pediatric Crowns

Hearing that your child has cavities can be disconcerting. It can often leave parents feeling guilty and wondering what comes next. While some cavities can be fixed with a simple filling, others need a dental crown. What is a Dental

Root Canals / Extractions

If the dentist has recommended a root canal for your child, you may be wondering why. Why go through the trouble to save a tooth that is just going to fall out? Well, it’s important to preserve primary teeth until

Dental Fillings

Although baby teeth are only temporary, they serve an important purpose. They help guide the adult teeth into proper positions and have an impact on speech development, among other things. Even with proper home care, kids can still get cavities.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments (Silver Diamine Fluoride) is an FDA-approved antibiotic liquid. It is applied to the teeth to prevent and control dental cavities. This method is noninvasive and works well, especially for young children. How It Works Fluoride treatments are composed